Preparing the base for the rice

Now some boring work: underpainting theexposed aircraft machineries and then masking them with tape.Unfortunately I have been sitting on myairbrush's needle (how dumb can you be) And am waiting for a replacement one tocome to resume the painting of the F-105.
How come the rice plants could hold straight on the base? that's right let'sdig some holes with a screwdriver..

Completed fig

So now one of those bllloody moments, when I finish a work, take pics and realize they are all blurred. And now the figwas undercoated which means I can't show anything better.
Well here is the fig as it appears now, with some Green stuff details here andthere like zis for clothes -and ears and hair too            



Starting on the fig

Here we are with the fig this time
First a Magic Sculp silhouette with some piano string inside to strengthen it.the work is quite crude at this stage..yet you may notice the nice coat of primeron the F-105 as well as  the fact that the body is pressed against the fuselagefor the exact shape.
On the following day i proceeded  to sculpt the lower body and the abdomen.Apparently the flight clothes were one piece and quite baggy.. Actually i hadsome trouble to find valuable reference for a pilot's uniform.
So that was the first try, the body was too "high" so I had to cut itquite a bit. I inserted some Hornet hands, because I don't want to spendvaluable time sculpting something somebody can do better than me -but note I willdefinitely sculpt the face &s i don't want to have some Roger Saunders grins and neck problems on my dioramas 

The completed hull of the f-105

Okay that’s it, the plane is mostly completed.
I have been super detailing all the bays, added some wires (lead stringmostly), some parts of my PE fret were especially designed to create some ofthe inside of the bays. I have been adding a bit of the radar hanging too. Ialso sort of detailed the cockpit. I have been buying some instruments decalsfrom Mike Grant Decals tyo make for a few details, but I think that in the end,some ground cover or some rice fern will be hiding a bit of the cockpit.
Now I have a problem with super detailing. I know most modelers are keen todetail their models to death (including some invisible parts) but so am I not,as I think that everything that can distract from the main idea is bad for thewhole diorama. Yet I didn’t have any choice here. I took the risk that the people say “look at his crap radome, where did he find some referenceto end up with such shit”, instead of noticing the real nice lightning effects or the broken pilot.


More detailing

So here I fixed the canopy using tons ofmastic and filler.As some rivets went out with all thatsanding job I have been doing, i had to use some of those Archer resin rivetsthat do the job quite nicely indeed.
You don't want to miss tomorrow's update because it will be the last focusingon the plane -i have been spending hours this week-end on detailing all the cutbits and to be honest it looks like a real mess of a plane right now *and* foronce the pictures are actually quite well taken.