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This diorama is as old as 1998. That's one of the last scenes I did between my 5 years diorama-less gap.

It's 1/35 scale as usual but the reason why I never got round either taking pictures of ir or even posting those is that it's somewhat against a lot of things I stand for like "mindless use of WW2 German related stuff in dioramas".


The Galway diorama was completed in Spring 1996.

For those living in Galway -or knowing the town- there is a road bridge in some place of the town crossing a small rocky stream.

At the middle of it was that ugly metalic pole with a few electric wires on the top of it and I got my inspiration of the setting of this secene from that place.
From what told me am Irish visitor last year, it is still there more than 15 years after I saw it.