Finished September 15th 2013.

Only three pictures of it for at least the next 10 months as the magazine to which that one will be featured asked me to be rather quiet about it.

Thanks to Kronma and Vladimir for all the help.

The diorama shows Russian submarine Minoga (1908 -1922).


A Russian PT Boat scratchbuilding (the start)

Hard to realize but I had some sort of diorama burnout right after SMC Eindhoven. I had to work way too much just prior to the event, and certainly needed the rest.

Whatever, after this kind of things I usually ned to get back to the basis. Why not scratchbuilding (again) a Russian 1900 ear PT boat?

So i found that very special one built in Finland (then a part of Russia) in order for the navy to place them on battleships like the Orel or the cruiser Retzivan (that I already modelled on the Tsushima diorama).